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O.J. Simpson Speaks Out After Henry Ruggs III Is Sentenced To 3-10 Years For Deadly DUI Crash: ‘This Math Is Not Adding Up’


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O.J. Simpson is sharing his reaction after former NFL player Henry Ruggs III was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison Wednesday. As The Shade Room previously reported, Ruggs III was involved in a DUI crash that claimed a woman’s life in 2021.
Additionally, he agreed to a plea deal in May. This dropped his former five charges in connection with the fatal crash to two.
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O.J. Simpson Speaks On Henry Ruggs’ Sentence: ‘It Just Does Not Add Up To Me’
Simpson took to social media after Ruggs’ sentencing to share his reaction.
“…Somehow, this math is not adding up to me,” Simpson began. “You’re driving a car at roughly 160 mph on a public street and killing a girl and her dog… and you get three to ten years…”
The 76-year-old then began to compare the incident to one he faced.
“You got to a hotel room that you’re invited to to retrieve your own personal, stolen property… and you get nine to 33 years…”
He added that his case and Ruggs’ took place in the “same courthouse, same city, same state.” However, he can’t understand the discrepancy between the sentencing lengths.
“I don’t know… somehow it just does not add up to me, I’m just saying.”

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As TMZ reports, the incident Simpson referred to is when he armed himself and entered a Las Vegas Palace Station hotel room in 2007 to retrieve his allegedly stolen memorabilia. He was ultimately sentenced to 33 years in prison for the crime in 2008.
Simpson was then paroled from prison in 2017.
More Details Regarding Henry Ruggs III’s Sentencing
According to AP News, Henry Ruggs III was arrested on November 2, 2021, after driving under the influence at speeds up to 156 mph. At the time, his car fatally struck the vehicle of a 23-year-old woman named Tina Tintor.
As The Shade Room previously reported in November of that year, Ruggs was charged with multiple counts of reckless driving and DUI. Additionally, he was also charged with “one count of misdemeanor gun possession.”
At the time, the former NFL player faced up to 46 years in prison if convicted.
In May of this year, Ruggs agreed to plead guilty. His plea left him with “one felony count of DUI resulting in death” and “one misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter,” as per The Shade Room.
On Wednesday, the 24-year-old received his sentence of three to ten years in prison. According to AP News, the former NFL player apologized for his actions.
“I sincerely apologize… I have no excuses,” Ruggs III reportedly told the courtroom with the victim’s family present.

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Additionally, the outlet adds that the former NFL star plans to give counsel to others about “the dangers of driving at unsafe speed and driving and drinking” after he serves his sentence.
According to the outlet, a statement was read from Tintor’s mother during the court proceeding.
“…we pray that this terrible accident inspires positive change in the world. We pray that we all take away the importance of looking out for one another, remembering everyone we meet is another human’s loved one.”
Farhan Naqvi, an attorney representing the victim’s family, also shared a statement following the sentencing, as per AP News.
“The sentence isn’t going to bring Tina back. What we’re hoping for, more than anything, is that other deaths can be prevented from driving under the influence and reckless driving. It ruins lives. It destroys families.”
According to TMZ, Ruggs III will be eligible for parole after his third year in prison.
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