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Raven-Symoné Reveals She Had ‘Two Breast Reductions & Lipo’ Before The Age Of 18


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Raven-Symoné is opening up about her experience growing up in the spotlight, even noting that she underwent numerous cosmetic surgeries before turning 18.
Raven-Symoné Acknowledges Having A Seizure During Her First Breast Reduction
During the latest episode of The Best Podcast Ever with Raven and Miranda, the That’s So Raven star discussed the subject with her wife, Miranda Maday. About 21-and-a-half minutes in, Raven-Symoné spoke about sharing the same surgeon as “Kelly Osbourne’s mom,” Sharon Osbourne.
Miranda then remarked that Sharon’s body was “snatched” before Raven proceeded to discuss her surgeries more.
“We went to the same plastic surgeon. I had two breast reductions and lipo before I turned 18. … I never [publicly] shared it.”
Honing in on the fact that she was a minor at the time, the actress confirmed there was “paperwork involved.” Additionally, she acknowledged that her own father had “strongly” suggested that she undergo the breast reduction procedures.
“There was paperwork involved. My dad suggested, strongly, that I should get my breasts reduced.”

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After noting that the suggestion was meant to keep her from “feel[ing] bad,” Raven-Symoné noted that she added on liposuction to get people to “stop calling [her] fat.” As a result, Raven “got a twofer.” The 37-year-old acknowledged, “It was just a mess, just being that young and the pain of it all.”
She also shared that she “still [has] scar tissue to this day” before revealing she “had a seizure” after waking up from the first surgery. Then, Raven spoke about going back for a second breast reduction.
“I gained weight after and had to go back for [another reduction] because they were still too big for others’ feelings.”

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Before concluding her reflection on the experience, the actor shared advice for others to consider.
“If you want something changed in your body, live with it for a little bit longer to see if it changes. And get therapy before that happens.”
Other Stars Have Opened Up About Their Cosmetic Surgery Journeys
As Raven-Symoné dishes on going under the knife as an adolescent, we should note that she’s certainly not the only star who’s recently shared plastic surgery commentary.
As The Shade Room reported, Blac Chyna has committed to reversing many of her past procedures. She also revealed that she got her body done after developing “insecurities” while working as a stripper. Additionally, Kylie Jenner recently expressed regret over getting her breasts done as a young adult.
Meanwhile, SZA declared that “industry pressure” did NOT play a role in her decision to go under the knife. As for Akbar V, she recently gushed over her own plastic surgery journey, noting that she’s “SNATCHEDDDD.”
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