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REPORT: Retrial Of YNW Melly’s Double-Murder Case Is Scheduled


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The retrial of rapper YNW Melly’s double murder case has reportedly been scheduled. As The Shade Room previously reported, the rapper’s initial case was declared a mistrial on Saturday, July 22.
Additionally, the mistrial was reportedly prompted due to the prior jury’s inability to reach a unanimous verdict in the case.
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YNW Melly Appeared At A Status Hearing On Friday Following Last Week’s Mistrial
According to journalist Bryson “Boom” Paul, prosecutors in the double murder case will indeed be taking the matter to retrial. Paul shared the update on the morning of Friday, July 28, along with additional photos of YNW Melly at Friday’s court status hearing.

#YNWMellyTrial: @YNWMelly status hearing ends at 9:30 AM ET.
The prosecution will be retrying the case.
David A. Howard speaks with Melly before exiting the courtroom.#ynwmelly #melly pic.twitter.com/oAWqu3grW0
— Bryson “Boom” Paul (@brysonboompaul) July 28, 2023

In addition, Paul added that YNW Melly would retain his prior legal team, David A. Howard, Raven Ramona Liberty, and Stuart Adelstein, while the prosecution sticks with Camille Smith and Kristine Bradley.

#YNWMellyTrial: @YNWMelly will stick with David A. Howard, Raven Ramona Liberty, and Stuart Adelstein against the state prosecution’s Camille Smith and Kristine Bradley for #YNWMellyTrial2 as told to Judge Murphy III.#ynwmelly #melly pic.twitter.com/6O5kdsslD7
— Bryson “Boom” Paul (@brysonboompaul) July 28, 2023

The Rapper Will Reappear In Court In August As The Second Trial Commences In October
When the status hearing concluded, Paul reported that YNW Melly is scheduled to reappear in court at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, August 1, to Thursday, August 3. Additionally, the status of those court dates is only listed as upcoming events.

#YNWMellyTrial2: @YNWMelly will appear in front of Judge Murphy III next on August 1-3, 2023, according to @Florida_Courts.#ynwmelly #melly #ynwmellytrial pic.twitter.com/agP1VzFWTw
— Bryson “Boom” Paul (@brysonboompaul) July 28, 2023

Furthermore, NBC Miami has reported that jury selection for the rapper’s upcoming retrial will begin on October 2. However, at this time, TSR can only confirm that the trial will commence on that date at 9:00 a.m., as per records from the Broward County Clerks of the Court office.

#YNWMellyTrial2: According to https://t.co/BydC7XG1tm, things are about to get interesting for @YNWMelly and @YnwBortlen on October 2, folks. #ynwmelly #melly #ynwmellytrial #hiphop pic.twitter.com/7z9W5yozXu
— Bryson “Boom” Paul (@brysonboompaul) July 28, 2023

A Brief Look Back At The Initial Double-Murder Trial Of YNW Melly
As The Shade Room previously reported, jury members reportedly heard 19 days of testimony in YNW Melly’s initial murder trial. However, after three days of deliberations, the group of twelve failed to reach a unanimous verdict.

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YNW Melly is facing two first-degree murder charges in connection to the October 2018 deaths of Anthony Williams (YNW Sakchaser) and Christopher Thomas (YNW Juvy).
Although the rapper has pleaded not guilty to the charges, he could receive a death sentence if convicted, as per NBC Miami.
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