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Saucy Santana Explains Why He Wouldn’t Want His Son To Be Gay (Video)


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Saucy Santana recently opened up about his fears about parenthood in a forthcoming sitdown with VH1.
The outlet shared a snippet of the interview from their ‘For The Fellas’ podcast with Devale Ellis, Mack Wilds, and Brian McIntosh. The episode featuring Santana doesn’t air until Dec. 15. However, it started gaining traction online, given the preview topic.
In the short clip posted to VH1’s social platforms, Saucy addressed his concerns about his future son’s sexuality.
“I think for me, just being honest, I’m just worried about how to raise a kid and just me being gay, and I feel like if I have a son, I wouldn’t want my son to be gay. Not because nothing is wrong with it, but because of everything that I went through.”
Online critics have targeted Saucy in online criticisms since the start of his rap career in February 2019. Most of the backlash primarily stems from his sexuality and his feminine fashion choices.
Before eating the streaming charts up with hits like ‘Walk ‘Em Like A Dog’ and ‘Material Girl,’ Saucy Santana became an internet fave for his live-stream commentary. He often appeared ready with the jokes on Instagram Live with the City Girls’ Yung Miami.
Saucy Santana Says His Parenthood Stance Is Not Due To Self-Hate
Santana’s recent comments about having a son were limited in the VH1 tease. However, through prompting from host Devale, he reassured viewers that his stance on having a gay son isn’t a result of self-hate.
“I don’t ever look at it as self-hate ’cause I love myself more than anybody. I think that it’s just not easy,” Saucy Santana said. Adding, “I just feel like I want better, and I don’t even know if better is the right word cause to me nothing is wrong with being gay…”
Watch the full clip below.

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Social media users reacted in the comment section of VH1’s Instagram post. Some relayed their own experiences, while others showed support for the rapper’s concerns.
mr._witcher77 wrote, “I’m a gay black man of two amazing boys. I’m very open and honest with my kids. I understand how he feels, but you have to just remember that your kids are going to love you regardless.” 
mogulmindedmommi3s wrote, “Facts I was a teen mom and wouldn’t wish it on my daughter. I’m a success story their life is great but I wouldn’t wish those struggles on them every parent wants their child’s life easier.”
emjay_06 wrote, “I understand everything he’s saying. It’s hard out here and you do your best to protect your children from any hurt or hardships.” 
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